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Welcome to the Mernyk Family Home Page.

This site is for all things Mernyk and is open to all Mernyks whether by birth, marriage, or just spirit. We hope you will enjoy it. My thoughts were to build upon cousin Suzanne's project to document our family history. This is especially important as we begin to lose the older generations.

If you are just visiting, I hope you enjoy it as it evolves. I also hope this will inspire you to undertake a similar project for your own family heritage.

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Family member EMail and Homepages

NameCityEMail / IPhoneHomepage
Annisa Mustopa Brooklyn, NY find me on Facebook
Carolyn Mustopa Brooklyn, NY coming soon
Ed/Krys Mernyk Sleepy Hollow, NY coming soon
Jon/Alisa Mernyk Philadelphia, PA coming soon
Laila MacGregor Brooklyn, NY find me on Facebook
Lloyd Osipow Florida coming soon
Mark Mernyk Brooklyn, NY
Paul/Jenny Mernyk Palo Alto, CA
George Gentle New York, NY coming soon
Ross Mernyk Brooklyn, NY
Steven/Sophia Munro Boca Raton, FL coming soon
Suzanne Mernyk Stamford, CT
Yusuf Mustopa Stony Brook, NY

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